Acting Oasis Kadesh, a non-repertory theater for the ambitious and courageous people, has been working as part of Independent Experimental Theater Art-shelter Bunker for over a year.

The mission of Oasis is to study the nature of humans and society through time-proven sagas and legends. The team consists of 2 members: Natalya Lukyanova and Maksim Shmidt. By the way, that is they who regularly hold our Acting Intensives and Improvisation Games.

The repertoire of this team also included a one-man production Karmilkhan. It was based on a novel of orientalist-novelist Wilhelm Hauff. Die Höhle von Steenfoll — Eine schottländische Sage is a great work on ancient sagas, a mix of east and north culture. One actress and a minimum of props are involved in this performance.⠀