Directing classes in Art-shelter BUNKER — a great opportunity to learn how to properly present information to your audience.

A director is the most important occupation in modern cinema and theatre. It’s a person who is well educated, smart, knowing everything about his job. One who not only can make up blocking for actors, but also work with costume designer, set designer, and sometimes even replace them.

A director has to know every technical aspect of cinema and theatre!

A director can work with a composer, he understands music. He knows how to implement an idea, he has artistic thinking. For all that, a director need a set of different tools, which you will learn about at our directing classes. You will learn fundamentals of drama, subtleties of perception, and how to work with ensemble on interesting projects. On completing the course you will produce your own move or a theatre show and get a certificate.

You can sign up for trial lessons and ask any question by calling us at:

+7 778 46 56 678