Dear Friends!

Welcome to the professional, experimental, independent theater of Almaty city (Republic of Kazakhstan), the unique and the first in the world theater located in the bomb shelter.

We have been developing our activity in our country already for 6 years, and during this period, we have earned the status of a leading independent theater. Over 10,000 favorably disposed audiences facilitate us to believe that we do it for good reason.

Our main mission in a few words is to bring the light of knowledge to the masses, to promote a love for and foster interest in art, and theater in particular, among young people.

One of the most difficult organizational issues for us, of course, is maintaining order in the bomb shelter where our theater is located. The fact is that we are constantly subject to risk of losing our theater if the premise is taken away. This notwithstanding, we make repair on our own here and create an atmosphere where you want to create and be an audience, an atmosphere where you want to return and call it your home. At the moment, we invested about $40,000 in repair work and restoration of the theater.

All these years, we spend the money raised from the ticket sale on the buy out of this premise. This significantly complicates the creative process and makes the life of the theater difficult. We work all year round to support the life of the theater.

Our theater also manifests tolerance. We devote time to support minorities, provide active assistance to animals, and help oncology patients, the elderly and children. We try to participate as much as possible in various promotions and events that spread the good.

Our companies do not receive salaries, although they include professional and studio actors. We believe that the world will respond to our call, lend a helping hand to us, and we will continue our activity – the work and life of the social theater.

This city needs us, as the world needs art. We have seen this from experience. By supporting us, our friends, you will support the common aspiration in the world, which is aimed at the beautiful, kindness and better future of the planet.