The show is based on William Gibson’s “Miracle Worker”. The real story of Helen Keller, dumb and mute, tells us how difficult it is to find understanding in a family. It doesn’t tell a story of love being victorious over any life trouble, but a story of a necessity to let go of one’s proud for this love. And, of course, a story of faith. Faith in yourself, your family and the miracle.

Direction: Azamat Abdildinov
Art director: Elen Budnikova

Helen Keller – Kamila Jumadilova

Kate Keller – Tatyana Chertok / Yuliya Brezinskaya / Bagdat Trasheva

Captain Arthur Keller – Artyom Gorbunov

James Keller – Temirlan Boyaubayev / Ilnur Bildanov

Anne Sullivan – Kseniya Kuteleva / Victoriya Panitsidi

Rate 16+

Premiere went on October 28, 2016