The patriotic performance about the love for our city i don’t love Almaty is a debut directing work of Kseniya Kuteleva.

The performance consists of two parts: the first part is based on the play of Ural playwriter Oleg Bogayev I don’t love Ekaterinburg and adopted to the realities of our country. The second part is a verbatim based on the real stories of Kazakhstani.

The stories told in the performance are diversified, the heroes are of different social backgrounds, their problems are recognizable, as well as the places in the city – painfully home, beautiful, ugly, shocking, but still loved with all our heart.

Directed by Kseniya Kuteleva

Stage Director – Natalya Lukyanova

Sound / Light – Alexandra Tretyakova

Scenic Design / Play bill – Margarita Dobrotvorskaya, Sasha Rocco

Stage Setting – Dmitriy Teryokhin, Temirlan Boyaubayev

Music – Temirlan Boyaubayev

Sound Editor – Arthur Aslanyan


Capitan – Evgeniy Drachukov

Senior lieutenant – Artyom Gorbunov

Lieutenant – Yuliya Kudryakova / Leila Lenn

Sergeant – Batyrjan Aysariev

Postgraduate – Daniil Gook

Postgraduate’s Mother – Anna Sergiyenko

Girls: Ksenia Kuteleva, Yuliya Anyukova / Leila Lenn, Anna Sergiyenko

Art Director – Azamat Abdildinov

Special thanks to:

Authors of interview (second act, verbatim)

2rbina2rista group for the use of music and text fragments

Opia and Kisa in the wheel group