The pantomime school has opened in Art-shelter Bunker, that is aimed to train actors for a plastic performance. The admission of students is carried out by casting.

The classes are conducted by Sergey Chervyakov – the only professional mime in Kazakhstan. He is an excellent teacher and a very positive person. You can improve your plasticity and significantly increase your stage professionalism on these classes.

Pantomime is a type of theatrical art when the artistic images are created using the plasticity of the human body. Sergey Chervyakov teaches the modern language of pantomime based on the grammar of Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau.

Pantomime classes provide comprehensive body development and powerful stage training. It is like doing modern dance, dynamic yoga and acting professionally at the same time.

Pantomime facilitates relaxation and release of muscles, gives good stretching, increases coordination, strength and endurance. To achieve these goals, pantomime uses little-known and very effective techniques that are different from ordinary fitness exercises.

In order to master the pantomime language perfectly and become a professional mime, you need to train a lot and for a long time. However, the basics of pantomime is useful to know for everyone involved in the performance arts. The pantomime will come in handy for the dramatic actor in the course of working on the role, it will help him build the physical appearance of the character and give his stage movement intensity and awareness. The study of pantomime will allow the dancer to better feel and understand his body, make the dance more expressive and meaningful.

The basic course of pantomime is designed for five months. Upon completion of the course, graduates receive their certificates. The exam will be held in the form of an open graduation performance, consisting of solo and group performances, in which mime actors will demonstrate their skills to the audience. This performance will be the basis of the miniature play, which Sergei Chervyakov plans to produce with the pantomime actors after completing the basic course.