At the IET 'Art Shelter BUNKER,' training is available in two directions:

Acting Mastery

Training in three stages of acting mastery: Foundation and Advanced levels.


Fundamentals of Directing. An excellent opportunity to learn the skillful presentation of information to the audience.

Acting Mastery Courses

Basic Acting Mastery Course.

The Basic Course in acting mastery will teach you to trust yourself and others, to be resilient and extraordinary, to find an unusual way out of challenging situations, and sometimes to become someone you could never imagine.

What should you know in advance about these classes?

There won’t be a single boring lecture, and you won’t have to take any notes.

From the very first second, you will find yourself on stage, engaging solely in practical exercises.

Moreover, during the training, you’ll have free access to attend all BUNKER’s performances and projects (for educational purposes)!

You will comprehensively study disciplines and skills such as Physical Action Memory (PAM), improvisation, partner work, actor’s physical conditioning, coordination, multitasking, stage combat, stage movement, stage speech, working with a director, and releasing physical tensions. We will not only bring in the best educators for you (no fewer than seven invited instructors during the training period) but also fully acquaint you with the world of independent theater in Almaty (you will learn about all the worthy venues, collectives, and prominent figures in this sphere of art).

The most thrilling event awaits you at the end of the course – a two-day examination. The first day is closed: you will be assessed by a panel of judges, including theater and film professionals who will share valuable advice with you and may even invite you to participate in an interesting project. The second day is the graduation performance: your first encounter with the audience.

At the end of the course, you will receive a report card with grades for each discipline and comments from the jury, along with a certificate of completion (a valuable asset for auditions or university admissions, and perhaps even during job interviews in related fields).

The most successful and daring participants will, of course, be welcomed into our friendly community! We look forward to seeing you!

Advanced Acting Mastery Course.

“The second stage of the acting mastery course involves an in-depth exploration of the actor’s profession:
– Contact and interaction with the audience;
– Gaze, voice, body: the ability to express emotions with your body, engage it;
– Psychological development of the role, overcoming barriers;
– Improvisation;
– Working on the role, emotional engagement (from internal to external, and vice versa);
– Partner contact and collaboration;
– Creating the atmosphere of the role;
– Developing the behavioral pattern of the role;
– Working with a director, and much more.

Graduates of the first stage of the acting mastery course at Art Shelter Bunker are eligible for the second stage, as well as any other applicants, subject to an interview (graduates of other courses, individuals working in this field). The second stage promises a deeper understanding of the actor’s craft and its various facets.”

Courses on the Fundamentals of Directing.

The director is the most crucial profession in today’s cinema and theater. They are a versatile, educated, intelligent individual who understands and knows the profession from all angles. Someone who can not only direct actors on the stage but also collaborate with costume designers, set designers, and sometimes even substitute for them.

A director must be familiar with all the technical possibilities of film and theatrical processes!

They know how to work with composers, have a good understanding of music, and precisely know how to bring a particular idea to life, possessing artistic thinking. Various tools will be introduced during the classes to achieve this. You will have the opportunity to delve into the basics of dramaturgy, understand the nuances of information perception, and learn to collaborate with a well-coordinated team on exciting projects. Upon completion of the course, you will have the chance to shoot your film or direct a play and receive a certificate.