Do you not want to go to the theater after being forced to go with the whole class from school to watch boring performances on buses? Do you remember only dirty costumes, dusty decorations, and tipsy Ded Moroz in high heels? Occasionally there are news about scandals between two groups sharing one state stage.

We are ready to show you a different reality of the life of a modern private theater: careful storage of decorations, a clean dressing room, real professionals in their field; how, thanks to a well-thought-out management system, eight independent groups can coexist in one space.

And we will introduce you to a quest-play, immersive theater, verbatim technique, documentary performance, witness theater, modern and classical dramaturgy within one production.

You will learn what needs to be done in BUNKER to make your wish come true; you will be able to ask a question and get a guaranteed answer the same night.

Come and get acquainted (for the first time or again)!

Light/sound is managed by the actors themselves.