Children are brought by storks, found in cabbages, they happen “when a man and a woman love each other very much…”—you are probably familiar with all these stories not by hearsay. But have you ever wondered where adults come from? At what point in life did the playground become too small for our games, and the rules became mercilessly complicated? Whom should children look up to in a world where they find themselves forgotten and lost, where elders have hopelessly played career, politics—and war; where families are built thoughtlessly—and crumble over trivialities; where parents teach what they themselves could never learn?

The comedy “HamletE” based on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy will tell us how challenging it is for little adults to live in a world dominated by big children. Our lives are a continuous drama, and sometimes the turn of the unfortunate cup does not bypass even the youngest among us.

Premiere: May 27, 2022

Director: Ksenia Drachukova