The play “Sugar Bowl” by Taisia Sapurina, a student of Nikolai Kolyada, the playwright, received the first prize at the Tenth International Playwrights Competition “Eurasia-2012” in the category of “Play on a Free Topic.”

A vast number of people prefer virtual communication on the internet. They meet, correspond, and interact remotely, fearing face-to-face encounters. And if a meeting does happen, it often brings disappointment to the conversing parties.

On the stage unfolds a strange world in which a prisoner lives. The world is peculiar and frightening. There are almost two protagonists here, Galina and Kolya. They are neighbors. They are very different, but one thing unites them. They haven’t left their homes for many years. The internet solves all their problems. Conversing with each other through the wall, both of them are terrified of people.

“…I’m scared. I’m honestly scared. Take my hand, Kolya. I’m afraid. I’m scared when it’s quiet around. I can’t live like this. I don’t want this. This is how people go mad. When it’s silent, there’s nothing, and nothing happens, consciousness closes in on itself…”

Kolya tries to fight against the growing evil. What does this evil look like? We’re afraid to see it, we speculate… Or maybe we’re fighting against something that doesn’t exist? Maybe this evil is just… F…E…A…R.