The play is based on the work of William Gibson, “The Miracle Worker.” The real story of the deaf-blind American, Helen Keller, tells how challenging it is to achieve understanding within a family. The play is not about love triumphing over life’s hardships, but about the necessity to overcome one’s pride and interests for the sake of it. And, of course, about faith. Faith in oneself, in loved ones, and in miracles.

Director: Azamat Abdildinov Set Designer: Elena Budnikova

Cast: Helen Keller – Alexandra Tretyakova Kate Keller – Anna Sergienko Captain Arthur Keller – Artem Gorbunov / Evgeny Drachukov James Keller – Daniil Guk Annie Sullivan – Ksenia Kuteleva

16+ Premiered on October 28, 2016.