Queen of beauty

Human nature is whimsical, capricious, and vengeful. People are often deaf and cruel to each other, inclined to violence, yet not entirely hopeless. This is the perspective of the Irish playwright McDonagh, who writes about it mercilessly truthfully, bitterly, and with a great deal of humor. His plays are deeply spiritual, written with love for humanity and pain for it. The events he narrates take place in neighboring houses in an Irish village. In “The Beauty Queen of Leenane,” helpless and lonely women engage in a deadly struggle for their happiness. The temperaments of both heroines exceed all conceivable limits, so the disputes look like farce or a real “kitchen action movie.” Any means are used, from banal scandals to the demonstration of papers from the psychiatric hospital and dousing with boiling oil.

This is the first staging in Kazakhstan based on a play by Martin McDonagh.

Director: Azamat Abdildinov
Set Designer: Elena Budnikova

The cast includes:
Meg — Ksenia Kuteleva
Maureen — Violetta Koliberdina
Ray — Artem Gorbunov
Pato — Artem Tupikin