Theater with Real People for Real Audiences

Theater AsaBAlar has been residents of the Independent Experimental Theater ‘Art Shelter BUNKER’ since 2016. They create site-specific performances specifically for our space.

Alina Abilkalamova, the playwright of Theater AsaBAlar, develops fanatical plots inspired by the aesthetics of underground theater. BUNKER creates the perfect atmosphere for a vampire saga (play ‘You Will Have a FEAST’), a magical Japanese fairy tale with werewolves and demons (play ‘Samurai and Sasai’), or a mystical comedy (play ‘Seance’).

The ‘Witness Theater’ project is made possible only thanks to the abundance of unique locations at Art Shelter BUNKER.

You can become a character in one of these plays. To do this, you need to participate in an open and free casting and become an actor of Theater AsaBAlar.

In the process of staging the play, Arthur Aslanyan, the director and teacher at Theater AsaBAlar, provides his actors with acting training and tools that allow them to look cool and professional on stage. Arthur uses playful methods in directing, making it comfortable and enjoyable to work with him.

AsAbaLar is a project-based theater. Each play begins with an open casting, where anyone interested can participate.

Attend the castings — it’s free. The casting is conducted in a playful format: there will be acting games and exercises. Even if you don’t make it into the project, you’ll receive free training in acting and have a good time.