Duet "Without Reasons"

The creative duo ‘Without Reasons’ has been a resident of the Independent Experimental Theater ‘Art Shelter BUNKER’ since October 2016. The duo consists of Yevgeny Romantsov and Rodion Drugov.

In their repertoire, the duo presents the play ‘Inverted People.’ This play explores the inverted values of the modern world. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but inevitably thought-provoking, it dissects familiar patterns and exposes rigid stereotypes.

Additionally, Yevgeny Romantsov performs a solo play on our stage titled ‘Written Dream.’ It is a monologue about what has disappeared from our lives and what can no longer be brought back. We either miss it, forgot about it, or perhaps didn’t even notice when it disappeared. However, we don’t contemplate what will happen when we are gone.