Playback-theatre T.R.I.

Playback is one of the forms of contemporary non-classical theater, where there is no script, direction, or rehearsed staging. On stage, it’s real life: the stories of the audience come to life through the spontaneous play of actors. The stories from the audience can be completely diverse: short sketches from life, long stories with different characters and events. It can be anything: real stories, dreams, fantasies, and even dreams.

Anyone from the audience can take on the role of the storyteller. They can share a story that happened to them recently or a long time ago, sharing their experiences, joys, or dreams. The story can be absolutely anything. The facilitator, actors, and musician attentively listen to the storyteller. During the listening, other spectators also participate. When the story is finished, the actors immediately perform it on stage in the form given by the facilitator. They improvise with each other, ‘bringing to life’ the story.