Where - where to - why

Somewhere on some floor in some apartment, there is an answering machine. The landlady of the apartment buried a friend she hardly knew, hadn’t seen for many, many years. And there was no real friendship between them—just classmates, and that’s it. Oh my God, when was that, what to remember about it?

And why should this change her life?

Can external success save from internal loneliness?

“Where – where to – why” is the story of the vacuum that surrounds each of us. A vacuum from which it is impossible to reach the soul and heart. A vacuum that makes it so difficult to believe that you are needed by someone.

And are you needed at all? How soon will your absence be noticed?

How soon will they forget that you were here at all?

“So, there is some apartment, on some floor, where an old, dusty answering machine with piano-like keys stands, captured by fingers, constantly talking from morning to night. Someone always needs this person who lives in this dark apartment; for some reason, everyone calls him and continuously calls—well, what do you want?”

This is a story in which every viewer can see themselves.