521, 522, 523, ring, dome, checking… Today the parachute opened, but what about tomorrow? How many do you need to count to make a decision? The decision to live now, enjoy every moment, relish the taste of herring with black bread, garlic, and salt, cherish every second and every word of a loved one, make decisions for yourself and take responsibility for your actions, stop blaming others and circumstances, and not be like Peter Pan, not wanting (or fearing?) to grow up.

How often do we really just fear growing up and prefer the “Childhood” tea, which soothes and replaces concepts? Or try to be perfect and wait for someone inevitably perfect for us.

The play is about dogs, friendship, loyalty, love, and discoveries. Silhouettes of shadow theater on a sheet in a dark room, honestly telling about unresolved gestalts, failures, their own meanness and cowardice, and of course, dreams. A familiar and unfortunately, for many, understandable story that can, nevertheless, make you move from a dead point right now.

The production turned out to be very personal for both the actor and the director. It is based on the play of the same name by Alexey Sinyaev, one of the bright representatives of the Ural playwrighting school, founded by N. V. Kolyada. Nikolai Vladimirovich is an actor, director, prose writer, playwright, scriptwriter, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, laureate of the international Stanislavsky Award, and master of the directing course Ksenia Kuteleva.