Love is... COSTya

“To understand that happiness is not in money, one must first get to know both – happiness and money.” – F. Begbeder

“Love is… COSTya” – a play-check of the credit history. Anyone of us could have undergone such a check. But this time, we were lucky, and we can relax. Or can we?

Every day, we are surrounded by everyday questions – how to get up on time for work if you’ve been playing a computer game all night; what to cook for dinner; where to get money for a new “urgently needed” thing. Life is like a marathon – you run until you fall. When will we stop, look around, and truly see where we are going and who is walking beside us?

The basis for creating the play was the play by Ural playwright Julia Novgorodtseva “Love on Credit.”

Disclaimer: all coincidences are accidental, names have been changed.

The play is based on real events. Like a mosaic, it is assembled from the stories of different families in the city of Almaty. These characters could be our neighbors, friends, or… do you recognize yourself in them?

Recommended age restriction: 16+.

Director – Anna Sergienko
Assistant Director – Ksenia Kuteleva Playwright – Temirlan Boyubaev
Light/Sound – Daniil Guk / Deimos
Scenography/Posters – Elena Budnikova / Konstantin Zuykov
Decorations – Ksenia Kuteleva, Evgeny Drachukov
Music – Temirlan Boyubaev, Arthur Aslanyan
Sound Editor – Arthur Aslanyan
Evgeny Drachukov / Artem Gorbunov
Ksenia Kuteleva / Eliza Molchanova
Natalia Lukyanova
Daniil Guk / Lupin
Alexandra Tretyakova / Mari
Leila Lenn

Premiered on December 17, 2020.