Performance-reflection to the office everyday life.
Work in the office happens, probably, in everyone’s life. A new performance of IET Art-shelter Bunker is office gossips, deadlines, boss monsters, inadequately long working days, untimely payment of salaries, unpleasant, and sometimes aggressive, colleagues and other sweets of office everyday life. This story was written with the participation of the theater actors during the work on the performance.

Recommended Age Limit: 16+
Directed by Azamat Abdildinov
Setting by Ilnur Bildanov, Margarita Dobrotvorskaya
Choreography by Anna Simonova

Anna Sergienko
Artyem Gorbunov
Evgeniy Drachukov
Natalya Lukyanova
Michael Linchevskiy
Yuliya Anyukova
Yuliya Kudryakova